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OK, so last week was bad. I didn’t blog. I was busy and lazy. I could’ve done the links and Jam of the Week only, but I felt like that was cheating.

I’ll tell you later on in the week what I was doing. (How’s that for a big market tease?) I promise to do better with the blogging this week. And now that I’ve typed that, I actually have to do it.

In the mean time, here are the Tuesday Links.

1. Still mad about Netflix’s price hikes? Well, Walmart has jumped in the game. Better yet, there’s a relief fund for white people who love GAP khakis.

2. College athletes don’t get paid, but schools and conferences make MILLIONS off them anyway. And some student-athletes do get paid and the schools get into all kinds of trouble when it’s discovered. This guy thinks we should just end the charade and pay star student-athletes out in the open. Hmm. Maybe I’ll blog my thoughts on the subject someday.

3. This video is just too funny. A Dad turns into the Double Rainbow Guy at a Little League game.

4. Any Mad Men fans? An  enterprising fellow took some time to do an unofficial remake of the opening credits.

5. Love this column about the time-honored tradition in baseball of trading talented, proven players for a gaggle of prospects who may or may not develop into Major Leaguers. It seems like a good idea, but I’d rather have the proven player.

6. Want to know who invented the high five? Yeah, you do.

7. This twitter exchange makes me giggle. Over and over.

8. An NFL player demonstrates his love for his wife through song.

9. So you already know I love nostalgia. Or my 80s and 90s versions of it anyway. I worshiped Saved By the Bell, so this video of White Collar’s Matt Bomer doing the Bayside cheer melts my heart. And this columnist is crazy for being mad at Zack. She should totally be mad at Kelly for breaking Zack’s heart!

And speaking of nostalgia…

10. Kenny Ortega plans to direct a remake of Dirty Dancing. Sigh. I love Ortega. He was Dirty Dancing’s choreographer, and since this is my favorite movie, I knew that and adored him for it. He also choreographed Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Shag, two movies I also love. He directed High School Musical, which I think is supercute. And I haven’t mentioned that he choreographed Michael Jackson’s tours. So yeah, I have mad love for Ortega. But WHY he is remaking a movie that is so classic and iconic? Leave it alone, Kenny! Even Baby agrees!